Scar Revision in Wilmington, NC

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What is Scar Revision?

As a common skin issue, scars can appear anywhere on the face or body. In some cases, a scar is an unwanted reminder of a wound that once existed, a bad memory, or an uncomfortable skin condition. While most scars are not an issue, some people may feel embarrassed or try to conceal them. They may look big, wide, bumpy, dark, raised, or recessed. Depending on the location of your scar and its condition, scar revision can help improve the appearance. Located near Wilmington, Jacksonville, Pender County, Hampstead, and Leland, NC, Dr. Erin Griffin proudly offers scar revision treatment at Tidal Wellness. With the help of FemiLift Pixel CO2 technology, this revolutionary procedure can decrease the size and appearance of your scar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does scar revision cost?

We base your scar revision cost on multiple things, such as the scar's location, the type of scar, and the size. During your consultation, Dr. Griffin will go over the estimated cost of your treatment.

Does scar revision eliminate the original scar?

Following the proper aftercare instructions is critical to ensuring your scar heals correctly and reducing its appearance. After your treatment, our team will provide detailed directions that assist with recovery.

Are there nonsurgical options for scar revision?

Scarring that looks recessed or indented may be improved with a dermal filler. Before undergoing scar revision, we may suggest receiving a dermal filler to raise the area. Next, Dr. Griffin can use laser-assisted technology on the scar to reshape the surface.

Can scar revision be combined with another procedure?

In addition to scar revision, patients may benefit from skin resurfacing. Laser procedures work well for patients interested in treating multiple skin issues, including hyperpigmentation or uneven skin. At your consultation with Dr. Griffin, please be sure to talk with her about your goals so she can focus on your concerns and provide a one-of-a-kind treatment plan.

Does scar revision hurt?

Since we use anesthesia, patients usually do not experience much pain during their treatment. After the procedure, you may have uncomfortable symptoms, such as tingling, inflammation, or redness. However, these will subside on their own, and you will receive aftercare instructions for improved results.

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