Skin Lesion Removal in Wilmington, NC

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What is Skin Lesion Removal?

If you examine your skin, you might notice little growths or regions that appear different from the surrounding skin. These are known as skin lesions, which can develop anywhere on your body. If you have a skin lesion that appears unattractive, feels irritating, or causes pain, you may want to have it removed. Although most skin lesions are harmless and noncancerous, a lesion that has changed in size, shape, or color may need a biopsy to check for cancerous cells. If you have a skin lesion you want assessed or removed, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Erin Griffin. We can remove a growth in one of our spacious treatment rooms at Tidal Wellness in Wilmington, NC. Using the FemiLift Pixel CO2, we can help you get rid of skin lesions in an easy, noninvasive way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does skin lesion removal hurt?

During your procedure, you will likely feel a heated sensation near the treatment site. For added comfort, Dr. Griffin will start the treatment by applying a topical numbing cream. In addition, Dr. Griffin can customize the wavelength and pulse so you remain relaxed throughout your treatment.

How much does skin lesion removal cost?

The cost of skin lesion removal treatment depends on several factors, including the location of your lesion and its size. Dr. Griffin will review cost estimates during your initial appointment.

How long will skin lesion removal take?

The skin lesion removal procedure takes around 30 minutes to one hour. The time needed for the excision process depends on things, like the lesion size, type, and placement. Typically, you require one session, but you may need multiple appointments, depending on the type of lesion we remove.

Is skin lesion removal permanent?

Skin lesion removal is permanent. However, it is important for us to note that skin lesions, like skin tags or warts, might appear on other parts of your body. The FemiLift Pixel CO2 makes removal more convenient than ever.

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